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This tweet helps teachers use the online resources to keep their students learning over the summer. There are options for summer book bags and online material that can be purchased by parents or teachers to be completed online.

This website talks about the issues with lectures and mainly focuses on the high school age group. It explains often why teachers find it necessary to only lectures and ways that can be changed.

This website lays out a design for online learning and how to get the same meaning across while learning in a digital way. It is difficult for teachers to often be assured their students are doing their online work and still learning the big ideas and this link can help that.

This blog gives publishing platforms that are safe and easy to use for students in the grades K-12. Since starting to use a site of our own for this class it made me realize how helpful they are for the long run and also for personal growth.

This can be used as a tool for the future because students would have this to look back on and use for their future classes and professions. It allows them to see a meaning to their work and know they are doing it for a specific reason. It is especially good because it keeps their thoughts organized and able to see peers work and along with their teacher.

It also is something can be used professionally later. If the students keep using this website later on they can use it for resumes or a portfolio for to display to anyone interested. They are also a point of reference that students can keep using. It is important to keep students writing and active and make sure they are engaged in their learning. Using websites like these makes it much easier. Another point of this specific one is that it is safe and goes into detail of how it keeps work private since that is a larger school safety concern for younger grades. Introducing this to students at a younger age will also help to increase their writing and or blogging skills in the future. It will allow them to become critical thinkers at an earlier age meaning their work can only get better.

This video gives 10 reasons why blogging is beneficial in the classroom.


Visual Information

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This is a powerpoint that is about my trip to Florida this past summer. It includes details and pictures of all the different places I went and the variety of activities we did. I author the trip from the beginning to end.

Exploring Technology

This gives ideas on how to reinvent the old technology uses or other things teachers no longer use or do not use to its fullest potential. It also is a great start for any teachers who are still working on using technology in the classroom.

Gives strategies to show how mistakes are a great way to learn. Also, includes how technology can help some of these mistakes or catch them before it happens. This is crucial in helping students develop and making sure every opportunity is used for growth.

A conference held online all over the world to bring together educators at no travel cost. It allows people to discuss ideas and listen to new things that other places are using to use in the classroom.

This blog I found appealed to me because I am currently taking a elementary reading and writing class and have found it very difficult to incorporate technology in the classroom. Working with students with disabilities things like iPads are common in the classroom because many of them use it as a mean of communication. Working with iPads at a young age like this will help them develop better skills for oncoming years and allow them to keep advancing their knowledge. Writing is also something that tends to be difficult for students with disabilities. With apps like the ones posted in the blog it can help with actual print since there is a tracing one, one to help with legibility, working with numbers and letters, spelling and dictation. These are all crucial in a students writing and work on the basics and mastery before they continue working on new material.

These activities can be done at home and in class which makes it even better. Parents are able to guide children with some of the same materials the teacher is using in class. Many times while working with writing it is difficult to keep focused and make it fun and exciting, these apps capture attention with games and animation that they would not have with a pen and paper. This can help make the learning more fun and also helps the students stay focused.

This video shows a student who is using a writing app. The unique thing about this is the student is nonverbal and also does not have use of his hands so he is seen using his feet. Small adjustments like this go miles for students who have disabilities. Writing would be impossible for this student but due to the app and device he is able to keep up with his peers and learn the same things they are just in a different manner.

Major Challenge

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In our speeches we focused on the importance of how technology can be used as a guide and can maximize all students learning. It allows to make the learning more unique and caters to students interests more and helps increase engagement. While it can be a difficult shift it is evolving around them, so they should be allowed the access to all the material possible to advance their education.

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This is a cool technological tool for students that like poetry. It offers 9 mobile apps the student can use to help them create or better their poems at all different levels.

Google is educating and using different strategies to explain how technology is changing and how education will be effected by these advancements.

Gives tips on how to effectively implement technology in the classroom with preventative strategies that help stop any issues teachers run into.

This article that I found has the relevancy of using an iPad in the classroom for teaching vocabulary. We are currently in a class that we are learning to teach vocabulary to elementary students and I find these tools to be especially helpful. When working with students with disabilities iPads are something that are a hidden gem. Many students in my internship during highschool used iPads as a mean for communication with the apps that were on there if they were nonverbal or there is a difficulty understanding. If they already have the equipment and are familiar with it, it will make it even more efficient because they will have less to learn.

Vocab can be especially difficult and boring in classrooms because teachers often work on a memorization factor rather than understanding and comprehending what the words actually mean. It does not focus on automaticity but rather the content of the word and how they can learn it in a fun way. One app is a flashcard like idea but involves other techniques, one is a game that makes learning words and practicing fun and another involves learning new vocab words especially for students in high school. I like that the apps are able to be used for all different ages and if this were to happen inside a classroom students could even have partners to make it more fun and interactive.

This article that I found explains some of the reasons why it is important for teachers to use technology for vocab. Many teachers are not considering how our language is shifting and literature and reading is moving to electronics. Students can buy text books online and many people use things like kindles to read their books. With technology shifts like this learning in a technology environment from a young age is important. These apps are much more adaptable than a lesson can often be in a classroom because students are learning from themselves what way might work best on the app.

Feedly and Twitter

This blog post by Edudemic is something I found particularly interesting because it revolves around teachers trying new approaches that they do not normally use in the classroom. The idea is to help students learn in a different manner and make things new and exciting. In teaching this is especially important because while routine may be good, learning new things and exploring is how students are going to grow in their learning. Many of the ideas revolved around using new technologies to help engage the students like crash course which has a live teacher, videos and have a casual environment that teaches the students more as an equal rather than a superior.

Another thing that I liked was PowToon which is a site that allows the teacher to make creative and different presentations. It is another mean of presenting the information to students which may help if they are not retaining a lot of the information the way it is currently being presented. Overall I really like the idea of flipping the classroom and trying new things because that is how students will learn and also the teacher will learn how to better cater to the students needs.

As a future teacher these few things already would have a large impact in the classroom. The idea of using things like crash course could be specifically beneficial to students with behavioral disorders or intellectual disabilities. Students with behavioral disorders may like the feeling of learning through someone who is acting as a friend rather than a superior so they do not feel as discouraged or intimidated. In regards for students with disabilities it helps keep it fun with simple jokes that can help capture and keep their attention. I would also really like to try out PowToon because all students learn different ways and it would be a great experiment to see what type of presentations work best with my students.

The video that I posted above is an example of a smaller Powtoon a student had created. The video exemplifies how teachers are really able to interact with the material they are presenting and making it fun and entertaining. It was especially cool how we can see the teacher writing on top of the video which can be used to exemplify major points or be used to show work , for example in a math class where showing work may be necessary but can be difficult to do typing.

Twitter Two

This tweet does not directly relate to technology but can still always be used for it. This is a large assessment list to find out how students are progressing in the classroom and trying to pinpoint the activities that they are struggling with. In order to use this for technology I would want to use different tools of technology in a subject in my classroom and assess the students using this list. So let’s say I decide to use a podcast as the project to relate to their chapter of reading for the week. Then after I would assess the students once they submit and share the podcast. The following week students would make an video and then be assessed for the next chapter. This will continue with all different technology tools and then I can gauge what tools work for what students and which ones do not.

This tweet is especially important because in society right now I think a lot of the technology issues comes from teachers. Many teachers do not want to be responsible for learning how to work this technology in order for their students to also use it because it would make more work and cost more time for them. The tweet helps explain why there may be issues with growth for teachers and how this can be improved. It explains how if the teacher is willing and exemplifying growth then students are more willing to also. I can use the ideas they give for development to help develop myself and also the other teachers that I will be working with on the same students. It can help create a better environment for the students and will allow them to feel they are able to explore their options more.

This tweet is also a perfect start for a new year. It talks about the new technologies that are going to be coming out in the year 2015. Many of the ideas that are presented are things that are made but can be advanced and used more effectively. It helped me for the future because I know that each year there is going to be new technology that comes out and some of the ideas on here are things that I would love to use in my student teaching in the next coming year. Things like 3D printing are obviously only available for people who work closely with it but in the future it could be something that is in schools so it is important to stay up to date on all these technologies so we can keep growing our knowledge about them.

This website that I found is a large database of information that teachers can use to help them create technology in the classroom and also how to utilize the technology to its fullest potential. This is a great resource because many teachers do not know where to begin and this is a good starting tool. There is one link that leads to the section about website blogging and shows how teachers can use it at all ages. In a special education classroom it would be especially helpful since I could start with the easiest form that students use in elementary school and based on the students work they could use a more advance system.

New Learners of the 21st Century

This video exemplifies many of the new technology advancements that children can use and are at a school that is based all around it. One thing I like is instead of calling the classes by their name they call it more by the skills they are working on and things they are learning. It is also crucial that teachers are still having students doing hands on activities so that they are not solely working on the computers. I like how they integrate the ideas on the laptop and use those to make drawings and organizers on their papers. Students are able to create games on the computer which keeps them engaged and excited about going to class and use other technologies to complete their projects. As a future teacher these are all things that are going to be crucial to consider when teaching students because their is many ways they can do a project. For special education I would love to keep the interest in my students by using all sorts of technologies especially ones that are familiar to them that they may use for communication, activities, enjoyment or anything else.

One idea I really enjoyed was the teacher having a room at the Chicago Public Library that only allowed students in grades 9-12 to enter because this may encourage them to use the space they would feel uncomfortable using otherwise. The after school opportunities not only help then but also in the classroom because these activities can be transferred into the classroom. In my classroom I want students to be engaged in after school activities because many students with disabilities stay home and have trouble getting involved. In my classroom incorporating after school technology activities would be a great way for students to learn from each other the things that are possible and learn of new things they can be involved in. Another great idea brought up is using the technology for things that may seem boring to some like the idea of the technology hunt at a museum. For my students it would be more realistic to do a technology hunt throughout the school where they can decide where the technology is and what they would use it for.

The device that students used to find the history behind things is something that would be a little more difficult to use because there may not always be interesting and exciting things in the community that we teach in so the history may not always be there. Although there is always history of a place not every town is relevant in major history lessons so it could be a difficult tool to use but the idea is great if you have a good location. Going into special education makes a lot of the things presented in the last video difficult but on a smaller scale they would be really interactive and fun. I think it is especially important to let students do technology projects they feel more comfortable with. If I have one student who loves talking, a podcast may be a good suggestion. There may be another student who is not verbal to using online tools to create a picture or presentation would be ideal.

This website that I found has 20 things in the classroom that are interactive for the student and teacher and it is many things that people have never heard of. There is an online whiteboard, bubble maps, yammer which allows peers to collaborate safely, and other useful tools for teachers and students. These are good beginning tools to use for students with disabilities before moving onto larger tools or out in the community.


This tweet is about technology that teachers could and should be aware of when starting a new year. There is always technology that is advancing and this is a way to use technology in a constructive manner. The website looks at social media specifically which is often a huge issue in schools and shows how teachers can make it constructive. As 21st century teachers we are also 21st century learners, this page shows how we can use things like Facebook and Instagram in the classroom to help creativity with kids while making it still beneficial in the classroom.

One of students favorite technological things in a class are movies in class. It is hard to find a median because teachers want to show the material but students often do not pay attention or do not get many of the main points from the movie. This tweet brings teachers to a site that has 8 options for interactive technological tools to help students learn from movies. An example is Zaption that allows students to interact with the movie by making polls and questions, links etc that can be viewed like a tour at the end to help make sure they are actively participating with the videos not just passively involved.

This last tweet is especially important because it talks about the newest trends that are going to be coming out for the year. It is a useful tool for teachers to get ahead and be able to look into the new technology in classrooms before students come to class with it. One example in the article is Badges, which is similar to LinkedIn and other professional profiles. This is a tool older students can use especially when I am looking  at Secondary Education in order to build skills and networking in the classroom. Networking is also a skill that will help students in the future so teachers will be setting a solid foundation.