Technology In the Classrooms

As our generation is growing we also know the world of technology is growing with us. We have gone through the advancements of books, to desktop computers, to laptops and online books. A majority of these changes have occurred in the classroom for many of us because that is often what we use technology for-our work.Other advancements include the social media aspect and the ability to do things online instead of in person such as banking, bills, and interviews or applications. Watching the growth over the years it is inevitable to know that it is going to continue to change and grow. A large amount of skills kids learn at school is able to be used in the real world. As a student at a large University I have learned a vast amount of things such as One Note, WordPress, Photoshop, Moodle and many more websites that I have learned here and used in another setting as well. Many people who are also currently students realize the difficulties they have when trying to explain technology to their parents because they were never taught and tried learning in a setting that they will not use it often. With this knowledge it makes it easy to realize how important learning at a younger age is.

When thinking about allowing the teacher to have the discretion to choose whether we use these advancements or not is a sensitive subject for many teachers and students. While we do not want kids taking the easy way out or being able to look all the answers up, denying them technology that they will eventually use is not fair either. These things are made for a reason and are accessible so students are able to do homework and assignments the easiest way possible.

Although these advancements are generally positive it is also losing a sense of communication around the world. Kids can now have the option to no longer do in person assignments or can show a project through a Smart Board instead of reading to the class and can send their teachers emails instead of asking them questions in person,which later can hinder their ability in a job interview. I believe teachers should be updated on the new technology even if this means taking a course or two a semester so they know what is out that could help their students. While using all this, I also believe it is important they do not solely rely on technology to teach their classrooms. Teacher student interaction is key for a successful classroom and if there is not a teacher to help students gain understanding it can make it extremely difficult.

The video exemplifies the idea of empowerment and the success and capabilities the internet and technology have created for everyone around the world. It also claims as a country we are becoming more intelligent with these things. It gives Skype and Facebook as an example since students can use these things to connect with teachers. One class my teacher has to travel a few times and instead of having class we will be meeting online to have our discussion, things like Skype allow this to happen and breed an environment for learning when you are not even in the classroom. Many of the time it will be easier for the teacher because many things submitted online can be checked also for plagiarism, grammatical errors and graded much quicker than if it is done on paper.

Overall I do not think teachers should be given the choice to use technology in the classroom because they could be depriving students of things that can help their education. If a teacher is older he or she may not want to use it because they themselves are not up to date on the things that are available to them. This is not the students fault and they should not be punished for the teachers lack of knowledge in this area. With that being said the teacher should be able to decide to what extent the technology is used in their classroom because they may have a certain way of teaching compared to another teacher.


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