Building Your Personal Learning Network

In this video ideas are discussed about how teachers are never given the opportunity to receive feedback and that most of us will only get one word deciding whether we are satisfactory or not. It is interesting to think the people that are educating the youth are not learning how to make their teachings any better to be able to make children learn more. It is amazing to me that there are no systems to help the teachers improve when there are 11 other countries that have a system like this in progress.

I think that there falls to much emphasis on the kids in schools in today’s society that it makes it difficult for teachers to improve. A majority of the time a child is doing poorly the education system in the United States is the first one to point a finger at the student and as “what could you have done differently?” In the video he gives examples of other countries that make teachers sit in other teachers’ classrooms and go to weekly meetings to talk about methods and strategies. This could be why foreign countries have some of the smartest students it all goes back to the origin of how they were taught.

This idea of video taping a classroom seems to be a very effective way for teachers to reflect on the things they are doing and also to be able to see the classrooms response. Another thing that would be beneficial is sharing tapes with other teachers in the district in order to see how other schools teach and learn and they could also give back constructive criticism to help their fellow teachers.

This website is from a Michigan school that talks about how teachers may be assessed throughout their position. The website seems to talk about a lot of things teachers can do negatively to affect the classroom but it does not focus much on the positive things that could help a classroom. There is no talk about the teacher evaluation with peers until much later on the page and does not focus on self improvement enough

After going through this website and watching the talk by Bill Gates it has come to my attention that in a society like ours we are going to have to take improvement of teaching into our own hands. Teachers must be willing to take the initiative to improve themselves and their fellow teachers to help our students learn in the best way possible.


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