Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin has many interesting and realistic ideas on her view of autism. One thing that I found especially interesting was when she talks about how many of the geniuses that created things would be considered to have autism. Compared to back then people do not look at a person with disabilities the same as they do now, today most people would never think that a person with disabilities would be able to invent things that will change our future.

One of the most intriguing parts of her speech is when she talks about the human mind and how we all think differently. We often do not compare our thoughts or imagine how other people think, but she makes it clear many people think in many different ways. People with disabilities may have a different way of thinking but it does not mean their thinking isn’t critical and that they just have a way of portraying it that is not the same as their peers. Temple seems like she is saying that many people are only one type of thinker and while this is usually true I don’t think that a person is only one type every time. Some people may think visually while other think in a variety of ways.

The idea of having mentors and everyone’s voice and needs being attended to is very important. As a teacher I want every student I come in contact with to feel they are using their minds to the maximum potential. They will be able to be heard in the classroom and my classroom will allow for them to share their opinions because I want to incorporate the idea of Universal Design of Learning. Student’s will be able to display their thoughts in many different ways in the classroom. 


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