This tweet is about technology that teachers could and should be aware of when starting a new year. There is always technology that is advancing and this is a way to use technology in a constructive manner. The website looks at social media specifically which is often a huge issue in schools and shows how teachers can make it constructive. As 21st century teachers we are also 21st century learners, this page shows how we can use things like Facebook and Instagram in the classroom to help creativity with kids while making it still beneficial in the classroom.

One of students favorite technological things in a class are movies in class. It is hard to find a median because teachers want to show the material but students often do not pay attention or do not get many of the main points from the movie. This tweet brings teachers to a site that has 8 options for interactive technological tools to help students learn from movies. An example is Zaption that allows students to interact with the movie by making polls and questions, links etc that can be viewed like a tour at the end to help make sure they are actively participating with the videos not just passively involved.

This last tweet is especially important because it talks about the newest trends that are going to be coming out for the year. It is a useful tool for teachers to get ahead and be able to look into the new technology in classrooms before students come to class with it. One example in the article is Badges, which is similar to LinkedIn and other professional profiles. This is a tool older students can use especially when I am looking  at Secondary Education in order to build skills and networking in the classroom. Networking is also a skill that will help students in the future so teachers will be setting a solid foundation.


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