Twitter Two

This tweet does not directly relate to technology but can still always be used for it. This is a large assessment list to find out how students are progressing in the classroom and trying to pinpoint the activities that they are struggling with. In order to use this for technology I would want to use different tools of technology in a subject in my classroom and assess the students using this list. So let’s say I decide to use a podcast as the project to relate to their chapter of reading for the week. Then after I would assess the students once they submit and share the podcast. The following week students would make an video and then be assessed for the next chapter. This will continue with all different technology tools and then I can gauge what tools work for what students and which ones do not.

This tweet is especially important because in society right now I think a lot of the technology issues comes from teachers. Many teachers do not want to be responsible for learning how to work this technology in order for their students to also use it because it would make more work and cost more time for them. The tweet helps explain why there may be issues with growth for teachers and how this can be improved. It explains how if the teacher is willing and exemplifying growth then students are more willing to also. I can use the ideas they give for development to help develop myself and also the other teachers that I will be working with on the same students. It can help create a better environment for the students and will allow them to feel they are able to explore their options more.

This tweet is also a perfect start for a new year. It talks about the new technologies that are going to be coming out in the year 2015. Many of the ideas that are presented are things that are made but can be advanced and used more effectively. It helped me for the future because I know that each year there is going to be new technology that comes out and some of the ideas on here are things that I would love to use in my student teaching in the next coming year. Things like 3D printing are obviously only available for people who work closely with it but in the future it could be something that is in schools so it is important to stay up to date on all these technologies so we can keep growing our knowledge about them.

This website that I found is a large database of information that teachers can use to help them create technology in the classroom and also how to utilize the technology to its fullest potential. This is a great resource because many teachers do not know where to begin and this is a good starting tool. There is one link that leads to the section about website blogging and shows how teachers can use it at all ages. In a special education classroom it would be especially helpful since I could start with the easiest form that students use in elementary school and based on the students work they could use a more advance system.


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