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This blog post by Edudemic is something I found particularly interesting because it revolves around teachers trying new approaches that they do not normally use in the classroom. The idea is to help students learn in a different manner and make things new and exciting. In teaching this is especially important because while routine may be good, learning new things and exploring is how students are going to grow in their learning. Many of the ideas revolved around using new technologies to help engage the students like crash course which has a live teacher, videos and have a casual environment that teaches the students more as an equal rather than a superior.

Another thing that I liked was PowToon which is a site that allows the teacher to make creative and different presentations. It is another mean of presenting the information to students which may help if they are not retaining a lot of the information the way it is currently being presented. Overall I really like the idea of flipping the classroom and trying new things because that is how students will learn and also the teacher will learn how to better cater to the students needs.

As a future teacher these few things already would have a large impact in the classroom. The idea of using things like crash course could be specifically beneficial to students with behavioral disorders or intellectual disabilities. Students with behavioral disorders may like the feeling of learning through someone who is acting as a friend rather than a superior so they do not feel as discouraged or intimidated. In regards for students with disabilities it helps keep it fun with simple jokes that can help capture and keep their attention. I would also really like to try out PowToon because all students learn different ways and it would be a great experiment to see what type of presentations work best with my students.

The video that I posted above is an example of a smaller Powtoon a student had created. The video exemplifies how teachers are really able to interact with the material they are presenting and making it fun and entertaining. It was especially cool how we can see the teacher writing on top of the video which can be used to exemplify major points or be used to show work , for example in a math class where showing work may be necessary but can be difficult to do typing.


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