This is a cool technological tool for students that like poetry. It offers 9 mobile apps the student can use to help them create or better their poems at all different levels.

Google is educating and using different strategies to explain how technology is changing and how education will be effected by these advancements.

Gives tips on how to effectively implement technology in the classroom with preventative strategies that help stop any issues teachers run into.


This article that I found has the relevancy of using an iPad in the classroom for teaching vocabulary. We are currently in a class that we are learning to teach vocabulary to elementary students and I find these tools to be especially helpful. When working with students with disabilities iPads are something that are a hidden gem. Many students in my internship during highschool used iPads as a mean for communication with the apps that were on there if they were nonverbal or there is a difficulty understanding. If they already have the equipment and are familiar with it, it will make it even more efficient because they will have less to learn.

Vocab can be especially difficult and boring in classrooms because teachers often work on a memorization factor rather than understanding and comprehending what the words actually mean. It does not focus on automaticity but rather the content of the word and how they can learn it in a fun way. One app is a flashcard like idea but involves other techniques, one is a game that makes learning words and practicing fun and another involves learning new vocab words especially for students in high school. I like that the apps are able to be used for all different ages and if this were to happen inside a classroom students could even have partners to make it more fun and interactive.


This article that I found explains some of the reasons why it is important for teachers to use technology for vocab. Many teachers are not considering how our language is shifting and literature and reading is moving to electronics. Students can buy text books online and many people use things like kindles to read their books. With technology shifts like this learning in a technology environment from a young age is important. These apps are much more adaptable than a lesson can often be in a classroom because students are learning from themselves what way might work best on the app.


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