Exploring Technology

This gives ideas on how to reinvent the old technology uses or other things teachers no longer use or do not use to its fullest potential. It also is a great start for any teachers who are still working on using technology in the classroom.

Gives strategies to show how mistakes are a great way to learn. Also, includes how technology can help some of these mistakes or catch them before it happens. This is crucial in helping students develop and making sure every opportunity is used for growth.

A conference held online all over the world to bring together educators at no travel cost. It allows people to discuss ideas and listen to new things that other places are using to use in the classroom.


This blog I found appealed to me because I am currently taking a elementary reading and writing class and have found it very difficult to incorporate technology in the classroom. Working with students with disabilities things like iPads are common in the classroom because many of them use it as a mean of communication. Working with iPads at a young age like this will help them develop better skills for oncoming years and allow them to keep advancing their knowledge. Writing is also something that tends to be difficult for students with disabilities. With apps like the ones posted in the blog it can help with actual print since there is a tracing one, one to help with legibility, working with numbers and letters, spelling and dictation. These are all crucial in a students writing and work on the basics and mastery before they continue working on new material.

These activities can be done at home and in class which makes it even better. Parents are able to guide children with some of the same materials the teacher is using in class. Many times while working with writing it is difficult to keep focused and make it fun and exciting, these apps capture attention with games and animation that they would not have with a pen and paper. This can help make the learning more fun and also helps the students stay focused.

This video shows a student who is using a writing app. The unique thing about this is the student is nonverbal and also does not have use of his hands so he is seen using his feet. Small adjustments like this go miles for students who have disabilities. Writing would be impossible for this student but due to the app and device he is able to keep up with his peers and learn the same things they are just in a different manner.


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