Personal Networking

This tweet helps teachers use the online resources to keep their students learning over the summer. There are options for summer book bags and online material that can be purchased by parents or teachers to be completed online.

This website talks about the issues with lectures and mainly focuses on the high school age group. It explains often why teachers find it necessary to only lectures and ways that can be changed.

This website lays out a design for online learning and how to get the same meaning across while learning in a digital way. It is difficult for teachers to often be assured their students are doing their online work and still learning the big ideas and this link can help that.

This blog gives publishing platforms that are safe and easy to use for students in the grades K-12. Since starting to use a site of our own for this class it made me realize how helpful they are for the long run and also for personal growth.

This can be used as a tool for the future because students would have this to look back on and use for their future classes and professions. It allows them to see a meaning to their work and know they are doing it for a specific reason. It is especially good because it keeps their thoughts organized and able to see peers work and along with their teacher.

It also is something can be used professionally later. If the students keep using this website later on they can use it for resumes or a portfolio for to display to anyone interested. They are also a point of reference that students can keep using. It is important to keep students writing and active and make sure they are engaged in their learning. Using websites like these makes it much easier. Another point of this specific one is that it is safe and goes into detail of how it keeps work private since that is a larger school safety concern for younger grades. Introducing this to students at a younger age will also help to increase their writing and or blogging skills in the future. It will allow them to become critical thinkers at an earlier age meaning their work can only get better.

This video gives 10 reasons why blogging is beneficial in the classroom.


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